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Masonic Influence on Lebanese Society

Masonic LebaneseFreemasonry has evolved from an organization of stonemasons into a social organization of different kinds of people that helps in the society. Even though the organization is veiled with mystery with their rituals and meetings, they still remain reputable because of their contributions to the society.

Nowadays, freemasonry is involved in several charity works like fundraisers and social works. They have projects like volunteering for social works and giving away vouchers for free goods and/or services.


History of Freemasonry in Lebanon

masonic logoIn 1860, Freemasonry was introduced in Lebanon and Syria. Algerian Emir Abdel Kader el Jazaïry introduced the society in public after he was exiled in France. The first lodge in Lebanon was founded in May 6, 1861, was named Loge Palestine (415), and under the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Several lodges were established in larger Lebanese cities under American, Egyptian, French, Italian, and Scottish Grand Lodges. However, the Lebanese Freemasonry’s expansion was halted and became dormant because of World War I.


Lodges in Lebanonmasonry table

Since freemasonry was introduced in Lebanon, there are a total of 237 lodges that were legitimately registered. However, there is only an estimate of 50 that remains in the year 2000. Though Freemasonry was introduced in the country for a long time, the organization was underdeveloped. The only famous lodges are:

  • The Grand Orient of Lebanon
  • The Beit-El Grand Lodge
  • The Sun Grand Lodge
  • The Grand Lodge of the Cedars
  • The United Grand Lodge
  • The Grand Lodge of the Cedars No. 7
  • The Grand Lodge of the Reform

Unlike other countries, Lebanon freely accepts freemasonry. However, the organization needs to register every year in the Ministry of the Interior together with the list of the members of all Grand Lodges.


Famous Lebanese Freemasons

Since Freemasonry is a popular organization, it is not surprising that many of their members are also popular. Here are some of them:

  • Charles Debbas – the 1st President of Lebanon under the French mandate
  • Riad as-Solh – the 1st Prime Minister of Lebanon
  • Sami as-Solh – became the Prime Minister of Lebanon for seven times
  • Camille Chamoun – former President of Lebanon from 1952 to 1958
  • AntounSaadé – founder of Syrian Social Nationalist Party
  • BachirGemayel – Commander of the Lebanese Forces, president-elect, and politician
  • Kahlil Gibran – famous writer, poet, and artist
  • Charles Malek – famous philosopher and diplomat
  • Adel Osseiran – one of the founding fathers of the Republic of Lebanon

  1. I noticed that most of the Masonic Leaders on the list have contributed largely to the political climate of Lebanon.

  2. There are more masonic leaders that came to power compared to leaders that come from any other organization. I think it is what makes them a suspect of every negative deed.

    • I agree. As most political leader that has been involved in most bad decisions that resulted to wars and people dying are masons! Scary

  3. It’s a fact that most political influencers and leaders are always a member of some kind of society organization. It’s always been the case.

  4. There are so may masonic influences in our society that can be seen physically. The obelisk at the center of town is a very physical manifestation of that.

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